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9 Best Books for Gamers (and People Who Want to Understand Them)

In Blood, Sweat, and Pixels , Jason Schreier takes listeners on a fascinating odyssey behind the scenes of video game development, where the creator may be a team of overworked underdogs or a solitary geek genius. Getting Gamers will show that rather than being a waste of time, video games can help us develop skills, make friends, succeed at work, form good habits, and be happy.

Taking the time to learn what's happening in our heads as we play and shop allows us to approach games and gaming communities on our own terms and get more out of them. With examples from the games themselves, Jamie Madigan offers a fuller understanding of the impact of games on our psychology and the influence of psychology on our games. Together, they ruled big business.

They transformed popular culture. And they provoked a national controversy. More than anything, they lived a unique and rollicking American Dream, escaping the broken homes of their youth to produce the most notoriously successful game franchises in history - Doom and Quake - until the games they made tore them apart.

This is a story of friendship and betrayal, commerce and artistry. A mesmerizing, behind-the-scenes business thriller that chronicles how Sega, a small, scrappy gaming company led by an unlikely visionary and a team of rebels, took on the juggernaut Nintendo and revolutionized the video-game industry. In , Nintendo had a virtual monopoly on the video-game industry.

Sega, on the other hand, was just a faltering arcade company with big aspirations and even bigger personalities. But all that would change with the arrival of Tom Kalinske, a former Mattel executive who knew nothing about video games and everything about fighting uphill battles. From Masters of Doom author David Kushner comes Prepare to Meet Thy Doom , a compilation of true gaming stories covering many facets of America's biggest entertainment business: the video game industry.

In addition to more than a dozen fascinating tales of game creation, play, business, and controversy, Prepare to Meet Thy Doom follows up on Kushner's previous best seller, Masters of Doom , with a long-awaited update.

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When Pete Etchells was 13, his father died from motor neurone disease. In order to cope, he immersed himself in a virtual world - first as an escape, but later to try to understand what had happened. Etchells is now a researcher into the psychological effects of video games, and was co-author on a recent paper explaining why WHO plans to classify "game addiction" as a danger to public health are based on bad science and he thinks are a bad idea.

In this, his first book, he journeys through the history and development of video games via scientific study Nintendo has continually set the standard for video game innovation in America, starting in with a plucky hero who jumped over barrels to save a girl from an ape.

Episode 63 - Soulcalibur (ft. Harold Goldberg)

The saga of Mario, the portly plumber who became the most successful franchise in the history of gaming, has plot twists worthy of a video game. Jeff Ryan shares the story of how this quintessentially Japanese company found success in the American market. Video games have seemingly taken over our lives. Whereas gamers once constituted a small and largely male subculture, today 67 percent of American households play video games.

A Robot Dog for Rent, Apple’s Secret AR Glasses, and More

The average gamer is now 34 years old and spends eight hours each week playing - and there is a 40 percent chance this person is a woman. In Bit by Bit , Andrew Ervin sets out to understand the explosive popularity of video games. When his satirical musings in a college newspaper got him discharged from the Air Force, it became clear to Walt Williams that his destiny in life was to be a writer - he just never thought he'd end up writing video games, let alone working on some of the most successful franchises in the industry - Bioshock, Civilization, Borderlands , and Mafia , among others.

Williams pulls back the curtain on an astonishingly profitable industry that has put its stamp on pop culture and yet is little known to those outside its walls. Grand Theft Auto is one of the biggest and most controversial videogame franchises of all time.

Why the Internet Thinks Tropical Storm Karen Is Hilarious

Since its first release in , GTA has pioneered the use of everything from 3D graphics to the voices of top Hollywood actors and repeatedly transformed the world of gaming. Composed from exhaustive research and hundreds of personal interviews, the Stay Awhile and Listen series divulges the fated meeting that brought the two Blizzards together, the clashes that tore them apart, and their transformation from grassroots democracy to corporate empire.

At the center of it all - Diablo , a hack-and-slash adventure through the darkest recesses of Hell that changed online gaming forever. After all, what could possibly be art-worthy about an early Mario score? Or any early game sound for that matter? In search of answers to these questions, Andrew Schartmann takes us on a journey from the primitive "pongs" of arcade machines to the complex musical fabrics woven by composers of the NES era.

The State of Play is a call to consider the high stakes of video game culture and how our digital and real lives collide.

Here, video games are not hobbies or pure recreation; they are vehicles for art, sex, and race and class politics. The 16 contributors are entrenched - they are the video game creators themselves, media critics, and Internet celebrities. They share one thing: They are all players at heart, handpicked to form a superstar roster by Daniel Goldberg and Linus Larsson.

New Edition! More content, images, and corrected text and facts. Monochrome edition. Starting with its humble beginnings in the s and ending with its swan-song, the Dreamcast, in the early s, this is the complete history of Sega as a console maker. Before home computers and video game consoles, before the Internet and social networking, and before motion controls and smartphones, there was Sega.

Through the stories of gaming's greatest innovations and most-beloved creations, journalist Harold Goldberg captures the creativity, controversy - and passion - behind the videogame's meteoric rise to the top of the pop-culture pantheon. Over the last 50 years, video games have grown from curiosities to fads to trends to one of the world's most popular forms of mass entertainment.

But as the gaming industry grows in numerous directions, and everyone talks about the advance of the moment, few explore and seek to understand the forces behind this profound evolution. What are the stories, the people, the innovations, and the fascinations behind this incredible growth? Through extensive interviews with gaming's greatest innovators, both its icons and those unfairly forgotten by history, All Your Base Are Belong to Us sets out to answer these questions, exposing the creativity, odd theories - and passion - behind the 21st century's fastest-growing medium.

Pretty good but got noticable things wrong including calling the twisted metal clown calypso in stead of Sweet Tooth which is the characters name.

All Your Base Are Belong to Us

Also it states that from the get go the Xbox had simple wifi connection when in reality, the first generation required a separate add on to access wifi. The last issue was small but he mistook the name of South Park's character Kyle for Lyle. Proofreading is important. The book's title is somewhat misleading. Instead of an exploration of the effects that video games have had on pop culture, it reads much more like a collection of short scattered biographies of the men and women that made them, often spending far more time on the childhood and business practices of developers than the games that they created.

Although the information provided is interesting, the writing becomes dull after the repetitive use of certain phrases and devices. The book also suffers from horrible organization, mentioning Nintendo in the 80's, EA in the 90's, then jumping back to Sierra in the 70's, and then to Nintendo again in the 's. It's obvious that the book could not be completely comprehensive of video game history, but for a book claiming to be about the effects on pop culture it has some very odd entries and omissions. The author praises "Crash Bandicoot" for it's soundtrack but never mentions Koji Kondo or his compositions for the Mario and Zelda series's, which are arguably the most recognizable soundtracks of all time.

The creation of the failed 3DO gaming console gets its own entry, yet Sega's long history is barely a footnote used for comparison to a few other companies.

The Best Video Game Books Of All-Time - Book ScrollingBook Scrolling

Pokemon, the third highest selling franchise of all time, that has spawned card games, 19 movies, a tv show about to start its 20th season, comics, physical stores, and it's own theme park, doesn't even warrant a mention in this title. Even "Zero Wing", the game this book gets it's title from is only briefly mentioned in the introduction.

A few times in the book, notably "World of Warcraft" and "Bio-shock", Goldberg does describe games with passion, and delves into the emotions a game made him feel, and descries why he finds them special. These parts are the most enjoyable, and made me want to replay those titles.

I think that the book would have been much more successful if instead of writing so broadly about video games, Goldberg had gone deeper with a select company that he was passionate about. All your Base Belong to Us compares well to these titles and adds much more information than I've learned in previous books starting with the birth of the video game industry and carrying through to the early history of PC text based games, and finally through to our modern day gaming era. Each pass through history delves into the inner workings of well known video game publishing companies, allowing the listener to join in the journey as these companies were created and offered insight into our favorite game creations and the difficulties encountered.

Well written and interesting history! It gets some small details wrong, but otherwise it is a good overview of the recent history of videogames. It is written with real enthusiasm and reverence for the industry's movers and shakers.

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  • A very well thought out book. Foes into sextreme detail of the motives and key players of gaming history. While I enjoyed parts of the history, the writing is atrocious. I'm not sure how to judge the narration, was it bad because of the material or the narrator's voice, not really sure. Pretty inside baseball of Gaming industry but since I have been there for everything mentioned in the book it was cool for the extra details.

    Really interesting look at the history and buisness of video games. It moved well and kept my attention.

    I was really excited to listen to this book. It was recommended to me by a podcast I like and I have enjoyed similar books about Star Wars and Simpsons impact on pop culture. Sadly, it was just to boring to even finish. I have tried two times to start it and am now giving up.

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    The guy reading could put anyone to sleep. And they just might take over. Once off the plane, I popped into a convenience store for snacks. The first thing I saw was a Pokemon drink featuring Pikachu on a small paper box.