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Information Technology.

East-West Journal of Numerical Mathematics

Applied Science. Computer Science. Business Managment. Electronics and Communication. Computer Applications. Conferences National Conferences. INT Journals. Acta mech Doi Accepted for publication , Journal of pure and applied physics, Narinder K. Volume 15 No. Singh , Anirudh P.

Pushpa Publishing House

Puneet Kaur, Kanchan L. Thomson Reuters IF 0. A Aarti, Gurjinder Kaur, Kanchan L. Rachna Rattan, Anirudh P. Singh , Kanchan L. Navjot Kaur , Kanchan L. Mandeepkaur , Kanchan L. Sharma, A new fourth order weighted-Newton method for systems of nonlinear equations, Numerical Algorithms, Volume 62, , pp.

Narinder K. Gaganbir Singh, Kanchan L. Sharma, Modified Chebyshev-Halley type method and its variants for computing multiple roots, Numerical Algorithms, Volume 61, , pp. Rajni Sharma , F. Soleymani, Xiaowu Li and E. Rajni Sharma , J. Carroll R. Ekuma C. Kowalski L. A Comment on arXiv: Barbu C. Rossi's Reactors — Reality or Fiction?

Abdelrazek A. Asham M. Minasyan V. Weller D. Our Mathematical Universe: I. Wilde P. A Thermodynamic Analysis". Secchi A. Magnus H. Faye H. Electron Configuration, and Element No. Adekugbe A. Benish R. May R. Zein W. Mina A.

Bruchholz U. Wagener P. On the Necessity of Using Element No. Stavroulakis N. Roussos I. Nikias Stavroulakis Al Rabeh R. Kaminsky A. Christianto V. Stone R. Chrisitianto V. Harney M. Nudel'man A. Two-World Background of Special Relativity. Sharples J. Valery N. Michelini M. Vezzoli G.

Abdallah I. Dadaev A. Nikolai A. Arbab A. Vasiliev S. Haranas I. Eckardt H. Malykin G.

East-West Journal of Mathematics

Gift S. Paasch K. Celakoska E.

Editorial Committee

Casuso Romate E. Israel L. Goldfain E. Garas'ko G. Ungar A. What Gravity Is.

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