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  1. 6 Topic modeling | Text Mining with R
  2. Writing Package Documentation
  3. Yihui Xie and Romain Lesur

6 Topic modeling | Text Mining with R

Click on Create repository :. Creating an R Package. This is a powerful graphical user interface GUI which makes the package creation process much easier. Please read Chapter 1: Why Git?

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Why GitHub? Sign up for a GitHub account.

We will use GitHub to host the source files of our R package. This is a GUI for Git which makes it much easier to dive into version control without the command line. This is optional but highly recommended, particularly for new Git users.

Writing Package Documentation

You are free to use the GUI of your choice or simply the command line. In this workshop I will be using GitKraken. Complete Section 3 of this tutorial. Run the following commands in R : install. You can use Project Options : Build Tools to configure Roxygen to run whenever you execute certain package build commands:. Using roxygen for package documentation is generally much easier than composing Rd files directly and is highly recommended for new package documentation.

Create Word document from R Data

Roxygen also plays a prominent roll in the devtools package, a package developed by Hadley Wickham of RStudio that makes it easier to build and document R packages. To learn more about roxygen and devtools, visit Hadley's book R Packages , freely accessible online. RStudio also includes extensive support for authoring R documetnation Rd files directly. Rd files use a simple markup format that syntactically resembles LaTeX.

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  6. Rd files are saved in the man directory of an R package. You can create a new Rd file for an existing function, dataset, or other object in two ways:. You need R and RStudio to complete this tutorial.

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    You can add images to an R Markdown report using markdown syntax as follows:. Rmd file.

    Yihui Xie and Romain Lesur

    This is where good file management becomes extremely important. If your. Rmd file is located in the root of this directory and all images that you want to include in your report are located in the images directory within the earth-analytics directory, then the path that you would use for each image would look like:.