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  1. The theory of pseudo-rigid bodies
  2. Review: Pseudo-Rigid-Body model
  3. The theory of pseudo-rigid bodies - Harley Cohen, R. G. Muncaster - Google книги

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Isupov and G. An essential step in macromolecular refinement is the selection of model parameters which give as good a description of the experimental data as possible while retaining a realistic data-to-parameter ratio. This is particularly true of the choice of atomic displacement parameters, where the move from individual isotropic to individual anisotropic refinement involves a sixfold increase in the number of required displacement parameters.

The number of refinement parameters can be reduced by using collective variables rather than independent atomic variables and one of the simplest examples of this is the TLS parameterization for describing the translation, libration and screw-rotation displacements of a pseudo-rigid body. Derivatives of the residual with respect to the TLS parameters are expanded in terms of the derivatives with respect to individual anisotropic U values, which in turn are calculated using a fast Fourier transform technique.

The theory of pseudo-rigid bodies

TLS refinement is therefore fast and can be used routinely. FAQ Policy. About this book This monograph concerns the development, analysis, and application of the theory of pseudo-rigid bodies. Show all.

Review: Pseudo-Rigid-Body model

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Product Details Table of Contents. Table of Contents 1 Prolegomena to the Theory. Show More. Average Review.

The theory of pseudo-rigid bodies - Harley Cohen, R. G. Muncaster - Google книги

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This book is based on lectures given at Yale in to students prepared with

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  5. The Theory of Pseudo-rigid Bodies.
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