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Do you know the longest word in your language? Please let us know!

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This ambiguity probably led to its misuse.

Traditionalists hold that fun can only function as an noun, while others claim it can be an adjective too. The American Heritage Dictionary advises writers to avoid it in formal writing. This would be my advice as well.


Word Fun Complete Set

If you want your writing to appear authoritative, I would advise you not to use fun as an adjective. If you are writing a research paper, job cover letter, resume, college application, etc.

While the use of fun as an attributive adjective a fun time is common to hear in informal speech, the comparative and superlative forms funner and funnest , as if fun were a standard adjective, is another matter altogether. When you try to survive, you think and live differently. Thanks for helping to clear that up. One of my favorite aspects in the diversity of languages is the way in which cultures think and express similar thoughts and feelings in different ways.

This is a great example of that!


Working from a place of survival certainly does change the way a person and an entire culture perceives enjoying their lives. This is also exampled when considering which words cultures set aside for taboo subjects. English speaking people only have one word to cover the entire spectrum of affectionate emotions surrounding embracing other people, things and ideas in the world — Love.

Hindi has a unique word for each type of love: Lustless love, divine love, agape love, the love between a parent and a child, the love between a man and his animals, etc etc. Of course that is considering a culture where love is esteemed beyond most other ideas in the world. I appreciate a language like Russian which makes distinctions about how one enjoys various aspects of life.

Word Fun Complete Set

In English the word fun is so over used and vague. Fun is a noun. You can have fun or say something was a lot of fun. However it is not an adjective.

Not your grandad's dictionary

The adjective is funny but it has only two meanings to describe something that makes you laugh or something a bit strange. Some people are beginning to make comparison by using funner and funest! Use funfilled.